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Bail Money Return Surety Fees made from the salaries of those whose duties as Director or Deputy Manager-Deputy Director have ended while working as a Director or Deputy Manager must be paid back in accordance with Bail Money Return 5 of the Bail Law No. 2489.

Bail Bond Money Return 5 of the Law; “Among the personnel subject to surety, those who have entered into a service that are not subject to surety or who passed away and those who leave the surety service for any reason are dismissed from the Fund as follows does court return bail money


Return Of Bail Bond Money

a)Return Of Bail Bond Money After deducting the amounts deducted as per article 4 from the total of their dues deducted in accordance with article 2, Return Of Bail Bond Money the first half of the remaining amount, together with the last three years interest; It is given back to the heirs of the deceased and the retired within one month, and those who leave the bail service for reasons other than these until the end of March of the following year. In the event of a duty of less than three years in the bailed service, interest is applied as much as the term of office.

b)  Bail Bond Money other half of the remainder is detained for the periods before leaving the ballot box with debit accrued within three years and for the damages incurred according to Article 4. At the end of three years, the remaining amount, if any, after deducting the above written debts, is returned to the creditor with three-year interest. The rate of interest given to the Fund cannot exceed the rate of the interest received by the Fund on its capital in the last three years.

The above mentioned payments are not made to those who return to surety before the first half amount is paid. However, the remaining half of those who return to service on bail within three years after receiving the first half amount remain in the Fund for their account as capital during their services.