Which Of The Following Is Not A Money Market Instrument

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Which Of The Following Is Not A Money Market Instrument  Institutions or individuals meet their short-term funding needs through money market instruments. Maturities of financial assets evaluated in this market are specified as minimum 90 days and maximum 1 year. This period may be longer for capital market instruments. Due to their short maturity, money market instruments are less affected by interest rate changes. which of the following is not a money market instrument .

Different instruments can be used in the money markets. The money market is based on a different system than the stock market. money market in Turkey consists of 3 different markets. These markets are the Central Bank Market, the Takasbank Market and the Interbank Market. Which Of The Following Is Not A Characteristic Of A Money Market Instrument?


Northeast Bank Money Market


Northeast Bank Money Market The main purpose of treasury bills is to meet the cash requirement. Repatriating Money From India It issues debt securities in accordance with the state budget law in order to meet the cash requirement. Treasury bills are limited to 91 days, 182 days, 273 days and 365 days according to the exchange. Treasury bills offer many convenience to their users. Treasury bills have many facilities such as carrying short-term securities, no risk of repayment, no income tax, and assurance in government tenders. The difference between the nominal value and the sales value at the end of the specified maturity creates the interest income of the investor.